Saturday, April 28, 2012

Petting Zoo

On the way home from dinner the other night I saw a sign for a petting zoo and knew I wanted to take  Audri seeing how she loves any animal she happens to encounter so My sister and I took our little girls to  This Is The Place Heritage Park. We had a fabulous time. Who wouldn't with cute baby animals all around? Audri and I even got to help feed the baby lambs. 

The big pot bellied pig.

Jane petting the big goats.

You can't tell in this picture but Audri LOVED riding the horses. The first time around I couldn't get her to smile for me at all but when I went to pull her off she didn't want to come with me. On the second time I figured I wouldn't need my camera because she wouldn't smile at all the first time and the little stink was nothing but smiles and giggles.

Baby chicks, so cute and so soft. 

This is Olive the most adorable goat you will ever meet. She followed us everywhere and loved chewing on Audri's skirt. When it came time for us to go Jane started running towards the gate and Olive ran after her just like a puppy. 

We will definitely be going back next year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Recap

I would love to be one of those people who, when they go to write, words stream eloquently from their mouth. But truth be told that is not me so instead of telling you some of what we did this month I am just going to give you pictures.

As soon as the tree skirt was put on this little girl knew exactly where she wanted to be. She played under the tree the rest of the night.

I think December should be known as national bake month. Audri LOVES her some fresh cookies out of the oven.

Audri has always liked Lucy but her liking has turned more into a love. She will follow Lucy all around and try to give her kisses or pick her up. This night she wanted to hold Lucy when I finally picked them both up together Audri laughed and laughed until I put them both down.

This present was just the right size for Audri to sit on. On a number of occasions I would find her sitting on it.

She has taken to going into the bathroom and opening my drawer then pulling out all of my hair elastics and pretending they are bracelets. Ricky and I discussed getting her some real bracelets for her stocking. I came home from work one day to find her in heaven on my bed. Guess he couldn't wait.

Christmas morning opening a few of her gifts. Needless to say she loved what we got her.

Breakfast at Grandpa's house.

We went to my mother in laws house for dinner (yes we spent the day in jammies, who doesn't want to be comfy and relax on Christmas) and Audri had to have the lime. She didn't even make a sour face.

Look at that devilish face. She adored her cousin Tysen. When he was around she would stick her hands up in the air for him to pick her up and when he would go somewhere she wanted to follow.

Playing with Tysen and the nutcracker.

It's much easier to carry the cradle than to push it on the stroller it came with.

This is where we find her playing the most. She loves the couch and the piano. We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend lots and lots of time with family. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


We had family pictures taken last week and I just wanted to share a few. Enjoy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She's ONE!

Yep I have been meaning to write this post for two months now but life has been crazy. It's hard to believe sometimes that it has been a whole year since she was born. Sometimes it feels like yesterday I found out I was expecting. People always say that having a baby changes your life and I knew it would but until experiencing it I never knew I could feel such joy. And Audri is just that. 

Being her first birthday a party was in order. We celebrated with family and friends at our house.
The dessert table. 

Our little family

 She loved the cake

She liked using a fork to eat at first.

 She figured out her hands were just as good as a fork.

One happy little girl but who wouldn't be with an entire chocolate cake all to themselves?

It was such a great party. We were so grateful to all those who came to celebrate with us. Audri is such a fun spunky little girl. She definitely has her own little personality and will let you know when she doesn't like something. Ricky and I are so blessed to have her in our home.

Friday, August 12, 2011


It seems like in just the last couple of weeks Audri has changed so much. She started army crawling and is now doing a big girl crawl. She pulls herself up onto everything and walks herself around the furniture. I even caught her yesterday climbing the stairs.(Isn't she supposed to walk before she climbs the stairs?)

She loves her walker and would go for hours if I would keep turning her around every time she hit a dead end.

She has her daddy's bed head. 

Food glorious food. She is not a picky eater by any means. These are obviously strawberries all over her face. After she dumped the plate of cut strawberries on the floor I let her try a whole one. Turns out she liked it even better.

She will grab anything she can get her hands on. I turned my back for two seconds and turned back around to find this. 
Swim dates with her cousin are wonderful since the water is bathtub warm. She doesn't like cold water one bit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby love

My Mind's Eye blog challenge #23


This is what I came up with

Saturday, April 30, 2011

When I Grow Up

When I was younger I wanted to be just like my older sister. If she wanted to be a teacher so did I. If she wanted to be a nurse so did I. Even if she wanted to be a garbage woman so did I. (She never really wanted to be a garbage woman for the record but if she had I would have wanted to as well.) I eventually grew out of that phase and set my aspirations high. I was going to be amazing and successful. I was going to be a doctor. I think that was when I was about 10. Once I decided to be a doctor my mind was made up. People would ask what I wanted to be and I would always say a doctor. I don't know when it happened but sometime in high school I started to change my mind. People would ask and I would still say a doctor but secretly... I just wanted to be a wife and mom. My senior year I took a medical assisting class and started working in a doctors office. I soon learned that the last thing I wanted was to be a doctor with long hours away from my family. My dream of wanting to be a doctor changed just like that. I still had to be something so I picked the next best thing, a nurse. I would take a couple classes here and there but I could never stay focused for long. I knew what I wanted and it wasn't this. I had this longing to be a wife and a mother. Nothing else would suffice. Then one day after a very strange introduction I met someone. At first I blew it off. It couldn't be. What I was aching for was staring me in the face. A whirlwind later and I was married to my Mr. Perfect. Everything I have ever wanted he has given me. So with all that said I got my dream of being a wife and mom. It is better than I could have ever imagined.

Some updated photos since it's been so long.
 Getting ready for bed.

 My feet are mmm mmm good.

Audri's first time eating rice cereal. After a couple of bites she started crying. It took 2 months for her to eat any type of solids without bursting into tears.

Playing in the bath tub.

She loves her carrots. 

Dad is dancing for her. She loves it! 

Dad is tickling  her. She absolutely LOVES her daddy. He walks into the room and she lights up. Her eyes follow him everywhere he goes. 

Just being cute.

Helping dad with is work.

Easter dress

Checking out what the Easter bunny left.